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Why to choose the rental condition?

If you don't plan for a longer term, don't want to pay a bigger amount at once, or you just want to try the Floating Feet, this option can be a great choice for you. It is enough to pay a smaller starting amount, which includes a security deposit and a 2-month rental fee to start the minimum 4-month rental period. After six months, the tenant has the opportunity to purchase the product at a discounted price. If you don't like the product, the subscription can be canceled at any time after four months. In order to return it, it is essential that the Floating Feet is undamaged and the original packaging is used during transportation. The previously paid deposit will be refunded upon the issue of an invoice.

Let's see the finances:

  • Starting price

    40.000 Ft
    Deposit (HUF 20,000) + 2 month rental fee (HUF 20,000).
  • Monthly rental fee

    10.000 Ft
    Upon request, it may be quarterly or semi-annually.
  • Delivery fee

    0 Ft
    The product will be delivered by courier, completely free of charge.
  • Hidden costs

    0 Ft
    We do not have such things.

The amounts above do not include the 27% VAT.

Discount option:

You can further reduce costs by recommending the Floating Feet. If the referral is successful and a purchase/lease takes place, we will credit HUF 5,000 of the referral's purchase / rental fee after each referral.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact us.

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