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Installment payment

A small step for your wallet, a convenient step for your leg.

If you interested in the product but can't afford to spend a "larger" amount, this condition will be the solution for you. After paying the initial installment, you can choose between two maturity options (6 or 12 months). The monthly installment is fixed, there is no interest or annual percentage rate, so the expenses can be planned in advance, you will not be surprised

Let's see the finances:

  • Initial installment

    40.000 Ft
    My health and comfort are worth this much.
  • Monthly repayment fee

    6.000 Ft
    With 12 month maturity.
  • Monthly repayment fee

    10.000 Ft
    With 6 month maturity.
  • Delivery fee

    0 Ft
    The product will be delivered by courier, completely free of charge.
  • Hidden costs

    0 Ft
    We do not have such things.

The amounts above do not include the 27% VAT.

Discount option:

You can further reduce costs by recommending the Floating Feet. If the referral is successful and a purchase/lease takes place, we will credit HUF 5,000 of the referral's purchase / rental fee after each referral.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact us.

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